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LA BOULE BLEUE - Prestige Carbon 110

LA BOULE BLEUE - Prestige Carbon 110

Very-soft, carbon steel


The black varnish goes off when using and after the mat look increasesyour grip. Maintenance is required with oil or grease. The Prestige Carbon 110 is a high level competition ball; the very-soft ball will provide very small rebound when landing, the best for making "carreaux". Placers would use this set on hard floors. You will prefer Prestige carbon 110 to inox if your are looking for the perfect release. The rough looking carbon will provide better holding in hand.

Very-soft carbon steel bowl, 110 kg/mm2 +/- 37 HRC. Perfect for shooters players.

OPTION CENTURY EDITION : punched with special label "1904-2004 Centenaire" in isothermal satchel embroidered with small pocket and adjustable strap


  • INITIALES (3 letters maximum, Alphanumeric caracters. height: 5mm)
  • First name or last name (1 line, Alphanumeric caracters. height: 5mm)