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LA BOULE BLEUE "La bleue 140"


140 kg/mm2 +/- 44 HRC The hard ball which bestowed on the brand its reputation for high quality and reliability. Maintenance with oil or grease is necessary.

The hardened steel of the Blue 140 makes it a very hard ball. The advantage of hardness is durability on all terrains. Scorers prefer it. The natural blue sheen of the hardened steel is intensified by a protective blue varnish which will fade gradually. This model is at the origin of the name " La Boule Bleue ".

OPTION CENTURY EDITION : punched with special label "1904-2004 Centenaire" in isothermal satchel embroidered with small pocket and adjustable strap.

Warning: blue coating disappear very quickly in use and impact marks may be visible on delivery. It is normal and don't affect quality.

Engraving :

  • INITIALES (3 letters maximum, Alphanumeric caracters. height: 5mm)
  • First name or last name (1 line, Alphanumeric caracters. height: 5mm)